Reading in Year 5 – Your child needs to know:

  • continue to read an increasingly wide range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction texts
  • read fiction texts both modern and old, and from other cultures and traditions
  • prepare poems and plays to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation and volume
  • infer characters’ feelings from their actions and justifying inferences with evidence
  • discuss how authors use figurative language
  • distinguish between fact and opinion

Writing in Year 5 – Your child needs to know:

  • use further prefixes and suffixes and understand the guidance for adding them
  • spell some words with silent letters
  • learn the spelling of more difficult homophones(words which sound the same but are spelt differently)
  • use a dictionary and a thesaurus
  • use adverbs and adverbials to explain how something is being done
  • write with neat, legible handwriting; write with increasing speed
  • use brackets, dashes or commas to indicate parenthesis
  • use commas to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity
  • learn to select appropriate grammar and vocabulary
  • describe settings, characters and atmosphere in narratives and integrate dialogue
  • carefully structure texts with a range of organisational devices, including time connectives, paragraphs, headings, bullet points, underlining
  • assess and improve the effectiveness of their writing
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