Our centres are open both in term time and during school holidays, with very few exceptions. To find the opening hours of your nearest centre, please visit our page.

The procedure of joining is simple and may take less time than what’s expected. You have to come to your nearest centre with your child and we will provide you with the assessments for a particular subject; including Maths, English and Science. Once the assessment is completed, a qualified tutor on site will mark it and provide you with extensive feedback. Based on the feedback provided, you will be recommended the number of hours and the subjects that need to be covered to aid your child’s learning, in order for them to perform exceptionally well in their SATs, 11 Plus and GCSEs.

At the Enlighten Academy, we work in a ratio of one to five. This means that one tutor works with a maximum of five children. From our years of experience, we have found that this ratio strikes the perfect balance between giving children individual support and encouraging independent learning.

We also provide one – to – lessons in some cases.

Yes! Everything your child will learn at ‘The Enlighten Academy’ is aligned to the school curriculum. Our tutors are experts in the curriculum and teach using the same methods that your child learns in the classroom. This means that everything your child learns will directly support them back at school.

We will provide regular feedback about how your child is progressing at the Enlighten Academy. Every session you will receive a summary of your child’s session with an example of a topic they have been working towards mastering with their tutor. Additionally, we produce individual student reports throughout your child’s time at The Enlighten Academy. These reports are designed to give you more in-depth feedback about your child’s progress and behaviour, further guidance and answer any questions you may have and create a learning pathway for your child to help them reach their individual goals.

Students always have one particular person that inspires them and helps them to see their potential, whether it’s a teacher, a friend, or a family member. Our tutors do exactly that and are the most important factor in your child’s progress at The Enlighten Academy. By getting to know each child as an individual, our tutors play an essential role in boosting your child’s confidence and motivation for learning. Your child will receive individual support to overcome challenges and feedback to help take their learning forward. Our tutors do more than just teach children to reach the answer, they use questioning to support your child to apply what they already know, and then challenge them to explain their answers that leads to greater independence.

Yes. The world of education is changing continually. New ways of teaching, new assessments and new topics at school can leave parents feeling out of touch. Our information sessions provide you with all the latest updates from the classroom in an informal environment, where you can ask any questions. You will come away feeling better equipped to support your child at home.

The Enlighten Academy is suitable for students from Year 1 to A-levels.

Yes. We prepare students for their 11 Plus examinations for verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, Maths and English, helping students gain entry for grammar schools and/or selective independent schools.

If your child is between Key Stage 1 to 3, we recommend a minimum of 2 hours per subject. However, if your child is in Key Stage 4, we recommend a minimum of 4 hours per subject. These are weekly hours of work. However, the number of hours recommended may vary, depending on assessment grades and recommendations from tutors.

Students can only attend the centre they are registered with as your child’s individual learning plan is carefully created and regularly reviewed by the team in that centre. However, if you wish to attend a different centre for a period of one month or more, please speak to your centre team who will endeavour to arrange a solution for you. In this case, you must provide a notice in advance.

If you miss one or more of your sessions in a month, we will provide you with catch up on other days, to ensure any sessions you’ve missed can be used.

Yes, we allow students to bring food and drink with them to the centre, which they can have during their lunch breaks.

Yes please. This allows us to safely sign your child into the centre. Older children may be allowed to attend unaccompanied – we will discuss this with you when you join. Also, you must let us know in advance if someone else would be coming to pick/drop your child.

If you plan to go away on holiday please let us know beforehand by providing a 4 weeks notice, or if your child will be missing sessions due to illness, let us know as soon as you become aware. In this instance, a manager will discuss the best way forward by providing you with catch-ups. If you are going to be absent for a whole calendar month or more, ‘freezing’ may be a better option.

The registration fee (£20), which you pay at the moment of joining, cannot be returned; however you are free to leave any time, but you must provide 4 weeks of notice in advance.

No, you cannot transfer membership from one child to another. A new sibling would join at the centre’s current standard membership price and would need to pay a registration fee.

Yes, we offer a discount in some cases. To find out more, please visit your nearest centre.

Yes, we do. To find out more information about eligibility, please visit your nearest centre.

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