Your child will be able to see and talk with their tutor using Zoom Cloud Meeting software. We use specific tools created for online such as the interactive white board and message board to make it feel just like a face to face session. They use the same learning materials that would be used in a centre.

You’re not on your own. It’s live online tutoring with a trained teacher.

In order to be able to access the online classes you must have: A tablet (iPad, Samsung Tab or similar device), a smart phone, a laptop or a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Kindly download and install ZOOM application on your device.

Apple Store

Google Play Store

Windows PC/Laptop      Click Here to Download Zoom Application For Your PC/Laptop

For those who missed their lessons in March, you can join our online sessions until you have completed your catch up hours. Please inform us by sending a message which includes the name of your child(s), year group and the amount of hours they do for each subject on a weekly basis. Please do not include any free hours such as the Thursday and Tuesday SATs classes.

Please note after 30th June 2020, all your previous missing lessons will be expired. 

Educationally sound

We consolidate our conventional teaching models with the most recent innovation and convenience. Resources are in accordance with the national curriculum program.

Hourly based weekly sessions

Students go to at slightest two sessions per week focusing on  English and Maths.

Experience the convenience of online tutoring.

Face to Face Tuition – Online Interactive Learning

Due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we are converting all of our classroom teaching into online classes delivered through interactive Live Online Learning via remote access, support computers and mobile devices with a qualified teacher. A virtual classroom will enable students to attend a class from the comfort of their home, which would be custom made and provide a learning experience that is similar to a real classroom. The aim is to provide highly interactive live online teaching sessions that are safe, convenient and tailored for your child and is at the forefront of best practice for online education.

Convenience of Home

Lessons are designed to be conducted remotely, using electronic devices, including computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones at the comfort of your own home. Students will engage in sessions at their convenience; in an environment that can be controlled and maximised for effective learning.

Safe and Supportive Learning Environment

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is our core responsibility. In order to fulfil this responsibility effectively, we have ensured all our subject-specific tutors are highly trained and experienced with cleared safeguarding checks.

Student Anonymity: Additional Support

Remote learning has been adjusted to provide students with additional help and support without the embarrassment associated with falling behind or having difficulty keeping up with their classmates. Ideal for all ages.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Features of the virtual learning environment includes an interactive whiteboard that allows for easy collaboration and real-time communication; together with a classroom environment fit for dynamic learning. This is an innovative approach to learning, loved by students who enjoy engaging with interactive tools.