We deliver a thematic based curriculum with creative contexts providing the stimulus to engage children in high-quality learning experiences. The Enlighten Academy specialises in the core subjects, English, Maths & Science for all ages and all year groups. We also specialise in the 11 + Entrance Exam for Private and Grammar Schools.
All our study material is aligned with the new National Curriculum, which is inclusive and challenges students to achieve personal and academic excellence. Our curriculum fosters an enquiring mind, which engages students in high-quality learning experiences. The tutoring material is divided into study books, skills books and workbooks, all of which help the learner succeed in the subject area.


We offer comprehensive and results-driven English tuition at our centres for Key Stages 1-4, including 11 Plus, SATs and GCSE exam preparation. At the Enlighten Academy, students are taught by experienced specialist teachers, using a structured scheme of works in line with the National Curriculum. Small, ability-based classes and a positive, engaging environment enable students to strengthen their subjects’ knowledge and achieve their target grades, while learning at a manageable pace. Our teaching assistants with advanced English knowledge are on hand to provide on-to-one assistance to students struggling with a particular topic. In addition to our weekly classes, we provide booster lessons aimed at strengthening challenging subject areas.


Our primary goal is to deliver Maths in the most enjoyable and effective way possible in order to ensure that students gain a positive mathematical experience and fulfil their potential. We believe that mathematical learning is life-long and so as well as preparing students for success in exams; we develop problem solving skills as well as those of team work and organisation. The Maths faculty is equipped with enthusiastic and specialist teachers. We are an approachable team, who are always willing to offer a range of intervention strategies to support students who would benefit from small group or one-to-one tuition to enable them to make steady progress towards their target grades. Maths at the Enlighten Academy, contributes to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ abilities to calculate; to reason logically, algebraically, and geometrically; to solve problems and to handle data.


The Enlighten Academy encourages our specialist science tutors to emphasis the inquiry, scrutiny, and information sharing that is crucial to success in science. To promote scientific literacy, our science tutors will engage students in activities that promote problem solving and critical thinking, which will enable students to develop an ability to investigate and demonstrate scientific hypotheses. Our tutors place a substantial focus on homework and revisions in order to create a closed loop on students’ learning paths, helping your child to build his/her confidence and improve school grades. We will do our utmost to ensure that learners grasp previous lessons and build on these to expand their understanding of the materials content.

11+ Verbal / Non Verbal

The 11 plus exam is an optional exam, usually taken in year 6 and is one of the most challenging tests taken by students. Success in this can mean a place at a grammar school and higher quality education throughout the school years. The exam tests ability in four areas:

  1. English
  2. Maths
  3. Verbal reasoning
  4. Non-verbal reasoning

While the English and maths sections are taught as part of the national curriculum, the reasoning sections are not taught in school. This means that students receiving tuition in the 11+ are at a significant advantage and have a much higher chance of success.

Preparation for the 11+ will ideally begin in year 4, where the content of the exams will gradually be introduced. In year 5, the preparation steps up significantly as we continue working on the content alongside starting to work under timed conditions. Year 6 focuses on exam technique, discovering and filling any gaps in knowledge, and past paper practice.

The 11+ is an opportunity to improve the education of your children that should not be ignored. Our system delivers excellent results, so call us and find out how we can help your child reach their potential.