A Caring Team of Professionals

Class Handling Training - Hands on

During the training period, you will be trained on maintaining classroom discipline, where you will establish ground rules for your students, build positive relationships and manage classroom behaviour. As part of your training, you will have the opportunity to grow and expand your skills, as well as develop both personally and professionally.

Teacher Training - Assistance

Our professional and qualified tutors are trained to meet the requirements that are set by Standards and Testing Agency and extensive knowledge of all the exam boards in the UK. We offer specialised teacher training in a range of subjects including English, Maths and Science across all age phases of education (Key stage 1-3 and GCSEs). You will be provided with 24 hour training programme, in which you will gain further experience and skills into teaching from a senior member of staff. Work will be allocated to you, which is part of the training scheme and additional guidance will be provided.

Dedicated - Support Team

We have a dedicated support team, which collaborates with every other department to ensure any issues you have are resolved not just during your training but also during your employment. The team also ensures that all team members obtain the training and development they need to succeed on the job by providing you with the necessary resources/ material, knowledge and latest information on our service.

All our teachers, assessors, learning support assistants and teaching assistants share our passion for teaching. The Enlighten Academy is looking for a variety of passionate and dedicated tutors. We are looking for vibrant individuals to join our team to offer an elite service and tutor young students to help them reach their full potential. As part of our team, you will be representing ‘The Enlighten Academy’ and actively involved in teaching and mentoring the children who attend our centres. It’s important that our staffs are passionate and inspiring people, who are great communicators and confident teachers.

Childcare & Tuition Centre

Interested in teaching @ The Enlighten Academy

The ideal candidate:


Able to teach one of the core subjects (Mathematics, English and/or Science)

Offer flexible hours

Good behaviour management skills

Ability to tutor students within a small group environment

Be a flexible and confident individual who has a creative approach to teaching

Committed to improving the life-chances of young people.

Organised and well prepared


If you feel you have these qualities, we would very much welcome your application, please email your CV along with your availability at hr@theenlightenacademy.co.uk